It may happen during a major holiday, or perhaps while on vacation, or while celebrating a major event. But at some point, you’ve overindulged by eating or drinking too much. And now you feel guilty.
So, now It’s time to get back on track to healthy eating or maybe you want to lose the extra pounds you gained during your carefree binge. Unfortunately, most people decide to take drastic measures and do a detox to cleanse their guilt and body, once and for all.
The truth is that instead of kick-starting your resolve to treat your body better, you may actually be harming your digestive system, slowing your metabolism, and putting you back right where you started.
So, before you start any detox plan, make sure you avoid these common – and harmful – mistakes.
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1.   Using Laxatives
Laxatives can help get rid of unwanted waste and toxins, but they shouldn’t be used as a way to detox. Consistent use of laxatives will make you become dependent leading to dehydration and liver problems.
Use laxatives for their intended purpose only, not as a way to purge your body. Simply eliminating processed foods from your diet is an easy and healthy way to jump-start your detox.
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2.    Eating a “Last Meal”
Much like a condemned man’s last meal, this idea stems from the fact that this will be your last big meal for a long time. So why not indulge in all your favorite high-calorie on the night before your detox plan starts? Well, doing this will set you up to failure, and you’ll struggle to get started. You’ll feel sluggish and bloated the next morning. This is not the way to begin a major change to your diet.
The right way is to detox in stages. Slowly start to remove foods from your diet and do a little bit of exercise. Doing this will aid you over the long run and provide you with long-term healthy habits.
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3.    Not Getting Enough Nutrients
If you’re going head first into a detox without a clue of what you’re doing, then you’re heading for disaster. Cutting out the wrong type of food groups can cause you to miss out on important nutrients and minerals.
Rather than worrying about how many calories you’re eating, it’s best to focus on the nutritional values of everything you put into your body. A week of doing this and you’ll soon notice a change in your mood, your gut, and personal energy.
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4.    Only Detoxing Your Body
Going on a detox is not just about your body. There are a variety of benefits of going on a detox, but what most people don’t realize is what is going on around them.
Look at your surroundings and see what items in your home can be replaced by more environmentally friendly options. These can be food-storage, cleaning materials, personal hygiene products, even bedding. Eliminating the toxins in your environment will ensure that your body becomes less toxic.
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5.    Eating Dairy Products
Chocolate, cakes, and adding and cream to coffee are regular indulgences for many people. But they should be completely avoided during a detox.
The cows that supply your milk actually excrete toxins in their milk so when you consume dairy products, you’re adding those toxins to your body. In addition, milk can contain hormones, antibiotics, and even pesticides.
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6.    Avoiding Sweat
Your skin is the largest organ of the body, so it makes sense to exercise. This causes you to sweat which is a natural way to get rid of toxins.
This gives you more oxygen and makes you feel better overall. The more exercise you do, the cleaner your body becomes. Don’t put off sweating and if you’re not a fan of exercise then hit the sauna for thirty minutes.
It’s natural to want to take drastic measures after a period of abusing our bodies by overeating or drinking too much. However, it’s important not to start a regimen without doing the proper research to ensure that it is safe and nutritionally sound.

Taking a little bit of time to plan your detox will save you headaches in the end and will ensure that you kick start your healthy lifestyle the right way.