When you get the common cold or come down with the flu, the last thing you want to do is eat or drink anything. However, hydration is essential, and you need to try to get those vitamins in any way you can. An easy way to get your nutrients is with a tonic, which is a type of drink that not only provides hydration, but essential nutrients that help soothe your sore throat and heal your body as well.
Image result for Honey and Lemon TeaHoney and Lemon Tea
This first tonic is extremely easy to make and uses just a few ingredients. It is completely natural, so you aren’t putting any preservatives or chemicals into your body when you are ill. When you have the cold or flu, one of the biggest side effects is having a sore throat, often with congestion and a cough. This tea is a great tonic to help with that. All you need for the simple tonic tea is hot water with a little lemon, honey, and some ginger. Letting it sit overnight is best because the nutrients from these ingredients blend perfectly into the water, so all you have to do is heat it up the next morning.
Image result for Apple Cider TonicApple Cider Tonic
Apple cider vinegar is one of the main ingredients of this tonic, since it is so good for you with a long list of health benefits. Apple cider vinegar is great for boosting your immune system and reducing inflammation in the body. You can not only drink this tonic when you have the cold or flu, but in order to prevent illnesses as well. In addition to the apple cider vinegar, you want to add other ingredients that will help with a cold or flu, such as spices like ginger and garlic, some turmeric, and a little honey to improve the taste and make it a little sweeter.
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Orange Honey Tonic
The final tonic that can help a lot when you have a cold or have come down with the flu is the orange honey tonic. This has a nice golden orange color thanks to the healthy turmeric powder in the tonic. You will also use some water, raw honey, apple cider vinegar, and a little bit of lemon zest in the drink. You can serve this cold or hot, though serving it with hot water similar to a tea often makes it a little easier to drink when you are ill and have a sore throat.